Classical ballet is my area of expertise.

I encourage those I teach or work with to have at least one goal for every class and rehearsal, so that there is a constant focus for improvement. I feel that a positive approach in giving feedback to students is very important and can determine a student’s willingness to work harder. Praising their efforts – no matter how small – keeps the emphasis on how well the student is working and how much is being achieved. Working in stages through feedback tends to make everything more manageable and students feel they can, and want to, tackle the next thing.  This helps them develop the skills needed to give their work meaning and a sense of purpose.

My main focus is on three particular aspects:

Technique – A sound technique is the basis for almost everything required of a dancer. I endeavour to help students work efficiently, with strength and with ease.

Musicality – Music plays an extremely important part in any dancer’s life and it can assist them greatly in their approach to their art form. Really listening to, knowing and understanding their music can help determine the different ways in which dancers interpret their work.

Artistry – A true artist, in any field of work, is very passionate about what they do. Helping students to develop dance quality in their work enhances their performance, style and individuality.

For any dancer, it is always so rewarding when they finally achieve some of the many goals they consistently work towards. However, with a true artist there will always be the constant desire to achieve higher in every aspect of their work. It is this drive and passion, together with their talent, that helps make good dancers great.