This is quite a unique skill for dancers to learn, and it can take some time to get used to dancing in such close proximity to another dancer.  It is no longer just about you! As a partner (female or male) you each have a huge responsibility to the other person.

For the female, she must have a strong core centre and be able to demonstrate all steps as if she were dancing alone.  The male partner must also be strong in their core centre, back and legs in order to assist with lifting and keeping the female on centre (balance).  He will always present his female partner to an audience in various ways.  (The art of chivalry in classical ballet is not dead!)

It takes time, discussion, trust, understanding, hard  work, and treating each other respectfully  to build a good rapport with a partner and to fully appreciate this wonderful skill.

I mainly coach students who have been previously taught pas des deux from ballets and I am happy to assist where possible.